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Elizabeth Haverford and Morehouse, Sr. throw a fundraiser gala, but when Francis and Corcoran discover that the party is going to be held up they become security. The party goes smoothly, with the exception of Annie propositioning Robert Morehouse and accusing him of sleeping with her. After the party, Corcoran and co. shepherd the money to the bank, and are held up. The robbers get away with the strongbox only to find out that it's a decoy and is empty. Robert stashed the cash in his fake leg.

Meanwhile, Marcus Freeman is training Jasper Longfield for his exhibition fight against “Irish” Jake McGinnis, but things get out of hand. Marcus attacks Sara and Jasper comes to the rescue. Matthew comes home and comforts his distraught wife. 

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Copper Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Police chief: Friday just happens to be the one night my men work gratis. You're a lucky woman.
Elizabeth: All widows are.

You ain't got no right coming back expecting everything to be the same. Go make your life, like I'm doing.

Francis [to Corcoran]