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Inside the cordon, Jake continues burning bodies of the dead. It’s Day 9. Outside the cordon, the news reports everything is sunshine and roses.

Teresa and Xander want to escape the grocery store since one of the gang members is sick. Her mother is still unhappy with their decision to have a baby together. Katie and Jake discuss snooping around the hospital for information about the real Patient Zero when Katie gets a request from one of the patients in isolation. Her father is dead and her brother is alone. Jake and Katie go out to find him.

Lex asks a fellow officer to print out a two month old warrant, but the warrant has expired. Lex’s men aren’t showing up for work and the National Guard is on their way. The Chief blames the failed food drop on Lex, but he blames it on Lommers. The Chief disagrees.

As the argument about whether or not to begin baseball season wages on outside the cordon, inside the cordon the threat grows. Xander tells the gang leader that the smart play is to make Joe Joe, their sick member, leave the store, or to allow him and Teresa to leave. The gang member responds by killing Joe Joe.

At Bitscan the heat wave rages on and Sam volunteers to go on a run to reset the air conditioning and save their electricity and clean space. Jana goes with him.

Lex visits Leo Green with information about Patient Zero but Leo is drowning his sorrows about his dead friends, blaming himself for their demise. Leo agrees to help Lex find the video footage he needs to prove they’ve been lied to.

Katie and Jake argue over whether or not she should go outside the hospital to find her student when she stumbles upon a room of dead bodies he hasn’t gotten around to burning yet. She’s shocked but not deterred.

Leo and Lex head out to the data center when a call comes over the radio for all units to respond. Lex decides he can’t ignore the call and takes Leo with him meaning they might miss their window of opportunity to find the footage. Lex finds a man chained to a radiator inside a building slated for demolition. The man refuses to leave and pulls a gun on Lex.

Mees walks into the grocery store in police gear and nearly gets himself shot until he reveals that he has the only phone that can call outside the cordon. Mees uses it as his bargaining chip to join the gang. Jana and Sam wander through the other floors of their building looking for access to the basement. Everything is eerily quiet and the find a dead body in a closet. 

Katie and Jake find Thomas’ father in the floor of his house, covered in a blanket and draped in flowers. Katie wonders aloud if Thomas is dead and hears Quentin respond behind her. He’s followed her outside the hospital. 

Lex continues negotiating with the man in the demolition building and learns that the clock has run out on his ability to get into the data center. Quentin provides the necessary information to find Thomas. Teresa’s mother helps her daughter and Xander escape the grocery store. 

The man in the building lives inside the Cordon but he’s been trapped outside since the walls went up. He can see his terrace from the building and that’s part of the reason he refuses to leave. He hasn’t been able to talk to his daughter but he’s been able to see her and know she’s okay. He hasn’t seen her in two days. 

Katie, Jake, and Quentin encounter the motorcycle gang from Jana’s building at the baseball field where the hope to find Thomas. Jake shoots one of them and they all decide to leave, but then Katie can’t find Quentin. 

Lex gets a text from Leo. He’s forged a warrant and Leo decides to use it to get the information that he wants. Jana and Sam talk about the identity of the dead guy they found in the closet. He says he’s only ever seen the guy in passing in the lobby, but he has information about him that seems odd to Jana.  He says he’s just friendly. She says she’s just not.

Katie and Jake search for Quentin and she fears he’s been kidnapped by one of the bikers. They find him staring at a man on a bench dying. Thomas walks up and hands the man a bottle of water and they watch in horror as the man’s sweat drips onto Thomas’ hand. Thomas chirps that it’s okay because he doesn’t get sick.

Leo and Lex get the data they need from the hospital footage, but the file is corrupted. Leo wants to find a guy, but Lex knows the best in the business. When Jana and Sam return to Bitscan, Xander and Teresa are on their doorstep. One of her co-workers doesn’t want to let them in but she goes down to bring them up anyway.

Katie and Jake watch as Thomas is placed in isolation and Jake wonders if he might be the secret to the cure Cannerts is trying to find. If the boy is immune, he holds the key. 

When Lex shows up to his rendezvous with Jake, the Chief tries to stop him and questions why he’s walking around with a reporter. The Chief doesn’t trust him and orders an officer to search him when he exits the sluice. Lex hands the file to Jake and asks him to get it to Jana. Jake hands over a file of his own then tells Lex he loves Katie.

Leo watches as Lex is searched leaving the sluice. They find the file on a jump drive and, after examining it, return it to him. 

Thomas lays in his bed reading as Katie and Quentin watch from the other side of the window. Lex takes food and a video to the man in the building. His daughter is okay. Jana watches as Teresa unfolds small baby clothes from her bag. She finds the only phone in the cordon inside her bag. One of the gang members escorts her mother to Bitscan.

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Containment Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

This could be the biggest story of your life, Leo. So you can stay on that couch, or you can take your head out your ass, honor your friends, and maybe get a Pulitzer. It’s your choice.


I am tired of meeting people who are willing to fight harder than I am.

Lex [to Leo]