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Cannerts continues studying Thomas' immunity to the virus by injecting several of Burt's rats with the child's saliva and blood. One of Cannerts research assistants is bitten by a rat and placed in quarantine.

Outside the cordon, the Chief reprimands Lex for trying to get inside. Lex is suspended for his actions. Cannerts calls his former professor and colleague with news of Thomas' immunity and his plan to create a vaccine from the child's blood. When Cannerts is told to call his sister, he says he won't until he finds a cure.

Jake and Katie begin going through the hospital footage Jana decoded and find that Dr. Sanders' boyfriend spent three hours in an exam room after their morning tryst before trying to leave. When he sneezed while washing his hands, he made an emergency phone call, placed his personal effects into a sharps container, and then put himself into a voluntary quarantine. Henry Burns is the real Patient Zero.

Lex finds Lommers arguing with someone and asks her, as a person, to help him get information about Jana. She offers him a final trip into the sluice to meet with Jake for information and then introduces him to her husband, Cannerts' colleague.

Those inside the cordon continue saying goodbye to their loved ones through church services and Jana and her friends find themselves inside the service. As children, Jana and Suzy spent time inside that building and Jana believes their way out is inside. 

Lex learns that Jana has survived during his visit with Jake and Jake learns that Lex has been suspended. He sends Lex back outside to get more info on Patient Zero. Cannerts takes Thomas out of isolation and reveals to Katie that the boy's blood contains antibodies to the virus. He believes Thomas may be the secret to a cure. 

Lex visits Leo for help in gaining information on Burns. They learn that he is well versed in infectious diseases but totally off the record. Lex gets an urgent call and leaves Leo's apartment.

Jake and Katie discuss the impending possibility that they may not be trapped inside the cordon for much longer. He wants to take a few days off to shirk his responsibilities once they're outside and safe and she bristles at his desire. That is not her reality.

Lommers asks Lex to go inside a secondary sluice to bring Thomas outside the cordon so the CDC can work to develop a cure for the virus. Cannerts believes he should accompany the boy outside if he won't be the one to develop the cure, but Lommers disagrees. Jake is called in to help getting Thomas out. He discusses the plan with Katie and she turns their talk to the two of them. She doesn't blame him if he doesn't want the responsibilities of her "crazy life" but he believes he'll want to be around.

Burt and Micheline celebrate Cannerts' good news by listening to their favorite song. When she goes down the hall to fancy herself for their celebration, he hears her fall. She's injured.

Lex prepares for his rendezvous when Leo gets into his car and tells him Burns was likely infected by the CDC only two days before the cordon went up. He and Leo argue over the right course of action and Lex refuses to share news of Thomas' impending extraction.

Jana and her friends take turns swinging a hammer at the bricked off tunnels. Lex calls Leo with information about the CDC delivery Burns received. Cannerts sent the virus.

Leo agrees to check out Cannerts' apartment while Lex checks out the second sluice. The National Guard is there destroying Lex' plan for a safe, secret extraction. In the hospital, Katie soothes a scared Thomas when Jake overhears her and calls her into the hall.

Cannerts spends time in his office and finally decides to call his sister, believing he's found the cure. Burt helps Micheline to the couch and she promises things will be better in the morning. Jake continues burning bodes. Jana rests during their attempted escape. Later, Katie joins Jake in the shower, their first physical contact coming through the shower curtain.

After a full night, Jana and her friends have broken down the tunnel wall and are ready to escape when Suzy begins having second thoughts. She fears her claustrophobia and cannot bring herself to climb into the tunnel. She begs Jana to escape without her but Jana refuses. Finally Suzy steals up her nerve and they depart.

Burt wants to take Micheline to the hospital but she refuses to allow it believing Cannerts' work there more important than tending to her injury. Jana and her friends make their way through the tunnel when she smells gas and turns them all back. Outside, Lex prepares for the extraction and Lommers joins him inside the sluice.

Cannert and a few of his crew toast to Thomas and his immunity believing the nightmare is almost over when the lab technician sneezes and begins coughing blood all over them. He's infected, which means Thomas is also infected. Cannerts tries to call Thomas back.

Katie and Jake arrive at the transfer site and see National Guards stationed on top of the containers. They put the boy into the sluice and leave him with Lex and Lommers. As they prepare to take him out, the Guard sends him back inside. People inside the cordon learn about the door while Lommers and Lex are placed in quarantine.

Leo calls Lex and tells him that Cannerts didn't just send the virus. He created it. As the crowd outside grows more angry, Lommers realizes their situation isn't good.

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Containment Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Katie: When this is all over, if we don't see each other much, I want you to know I'm glad I met you.
Jake: Why...why wouldn't we see each other? Don't you want to see each other?

By the way? Don't ever piss her off. Your woman is lethal with a blowtorch.

Jake [to Lex]