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It’s Day 5 of the cordon. Inside, the people are without ways to contact those on the outside. The people inside pile up the bodies of those who have died and while they are not required to stay indoors, people do have to take precautions in order to move around outside. They all wear masks and remain 4 to 6 feet away from one another.

Jana and her co-workers watch as Lex makes an announcement to the public letting those watching know that infection rates are down, the panic has subsided, and they expect the event will be over soon. Jana knows he’s lying. She decides to build a phone with the power to call outside the cordon.

Outside, Lex knows he’s lying to the public and knows that lying to them is the wrong thing to do. He questions whether or not those inside the cordon have supplies they need to survive. 

At Atlanta Midtown Hospital, Katie walks through the halls and stumbles upon a lobby of dead people, adults and children, being wrapped in plastic in preparation for disposal. Overcome by what she’s seen, she runs into Dr. Cannerts who tells her they’re trying to keep the number of dead discreet. The hospital’s nursery has been converted to a lab where mice are studied. 

Upstairs, Jake spends time with Quentin and the two discuss what goes into keeping the cordon safe with such a small police force. They bond over “guy stuff.”

Jana and Suz make plans to call Lex to find out what’s going on outside the cordon. While she builds the phone, two of her co-workers find someone running through their parking garage. 

Leo Green walks into the APD office to have a conversation with Lex. Lex reminds him that half the reason there’s no more communication with the inside is because of him. Leo wants a way to find out what’s happened to his friends on the inside, but Lex can’t help him. 

Teresa and her mom argue over what life will be like once the cordon is lifted. Teresa believes Xander will come for her and her mother calls her delusional.

On the roof of Bitscan, Jana encounters a stranger who has been living on the roof of the building. His name is Sam. Hers is the only floor he’s not allowed to visit. He wants to join them inside their facility but she won’t let him in. 

Cannerts tells Katie he wasn’t able to find the medication she needs. When Jake comes in, she lies to him about the medication. The two flirt before he goes back out on patrol.

Lex relieves two officers on patrol and sends them home so he’ll have the eagle eye view of the cordon. Jake offers to make a pharmacy run for Dr. Cannerts when he does the next body drop in the park.

As Lex and another offer watch the cordon, they see someone nearing the wall on his way inside. It’s Xander. He tries to make it inside and Lex shoots at him. It’s only a beanbag.

Jana works until late in the morning on her phone, driven by the need to talk to Lex.

At Freeman Medical Center, outside the cordon, Lex visits Xander in the hospital. Lex casually lets Xander know that it’s not safe inside the cordon and Xander challenges Lex’s decision not to try and get inside to Jana. When he leaves Xander’s room, Lex finds Leo trolling the hospital hallways. 

While patrolling, Jake finds a pharmaceutical delivery truck and goes inside in hopes of finding what Katie and Dr. Cannerts need. Instead he finds another dead body, this one an overdose. 

Teresa’s mother doesn’t believe Xander will be there for her and the baby once it arrives. She doesn’t believe either of them are ready to be parents. In the middle of their argument, the guys with guns return to clean out their store. 

Jake returns from the run with most of the medicines Dr. Cannerts needs to try and stop the virus, or slow it down. When Jake offers to take Katie what she needs, Dr. Cannerts tries to dodge the offer. 

One of the thieves tries to entice Teresa to come along with them and he’s shot in the hand by another gang of criminals who claim ownership of the store. 

Lex practices the speech he’s supposed to give and breaks down when he’s asked to tell everyone to remain calm and do what’s asked. He tells the chief of police he can’t continue being their politician even though he knows he’ll be cut out of the information. 

Jake finds Katie and Quentin recreating a Monopoly board. He delivers Katie’s medicine and she tries to hide it from Quentin. Jana and her co-workers argue over who gets to make the first call and Suz rules that it’s Jana’s opportunity since she made the phone. 

Lex finds Xander has been released from the hospital thanks to help from Leo Green and a team of lawyers. Lex gets a call from an unknown number and doesn’t answer it. 

The police track Xander down and find that he was able to make it inside the cordon. 

Cannerts and Jake watch as the rats in the cages die instead of getting better. Jake returns to the room and finds Katie still working on the pieces for Monopoly. Something is growing between them. 

Jana continues trying to call Lex and finally gets through to him. She asks him what’s really going on out there and the call disconnects. He finds a voicemail from her and plays it over and over. When Leo Green walks into the APD, Lex punches him in the face.

To cheer her up, Jake and Katie go on a shopping spree through the lost and found and discuss how nice it is not to be tied to their phones. She opens up to him about her history of drug abuse and mental illness. He’s unfazed and she’s surprised. He opens up about his past with women and how he’s a runner who doesn’t get close to people.

In exchange for help getting inside the cordon, Xander sends information to Leo on the outside. His friends are gone. 

Xander shows up at the store and surprises Teresa. Someone puts a gun in his face and reminds him they have to stay 4 to 6 feet away. Lex watches the drone feeds and sees Jana in the window with a sign telling him she loves him.

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Containment Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

This city’s going to hell.


I don’t get why you’re more loyal to some woman with a fancy title than to someone you claim to love.

Leo [to Lex]