On the Trail of a KIller - Coroner
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A female body is found in Humber River and Jenny is relieved that it isn't Amanda. The body was frozen before it ended up in the water. Jenny suspects it to be Dylan's mother.

Dylan keeps tweeting Ross about his book. He takes a selfie of him working with Liam and posts it. Liam takes his phone.

The gun was registered to Randall Jeffries.

Dylan gives Amanda a diamond ring and asks her to marry him in Australia. Det. Kim and Allen find a Randall Jeffries Sr. and Sarah Jeffries' bodies. One of her fingers is chopped off.

Randall Jeffries is Storm. They find Mein Kampf, 1984, darts above his bed and blood on his pillow, and the stolen computer equipment in his dorm.

McAvoy skims Dylan's book and thinks he and Storm are sharing delusion by proxy, a pact between two disturbing individuals sharing a violent fantasy.

The two stole old bitcoin passwords from the computers they stole. Lucy also found Reddit posts between Dylan and Storm. Apparently, Dylan is the instigator and recruited/groomed Storm.

Amanda takes a selfie with a cashier while Dylan and Storm try to get money. The cashier tags the selfie. Det Kim and Dr. Allen question her.

Dylan and Storm kill a hydro worker and steal his truck. Amanda freaks out and tries to run.

Dylan tracks down/attacks Ross with the sword. Liam protects him but Dylan gets away.

They use Dylan's tweets to Ross to get Dylan's number and get Amanda on the phone. They catch Dylan and storm. Amanda survives.

Jenny reopens all of Dr. Peterson's old cases. Her boss and Det. McAvoy are mad at her.

Ross finds a picture of Jenny with her dead sister and their dog. It's the black dog.

Jenny's eyes glow red.

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Coroner Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Jenny: I screwed up.
McAvoy: What?
Jenny: Amanda. I've been trying to get her on the phone since the apiary.
McAvoy: That's not your job. That's police work.
Jenny: She asked me to protect her. She was scared. She said she wanted to come home with me.
McAvoy: You followed protocol. You learn soon enough, in this job, there are a lot of stray cats.
Jenny: She's a young girl.
McAvoy: You know what I mean. You can't take all of them home. All right, Cat Lady? Or should I say Dr. Cat Lady?

McAvoy: Only your first month and all these bodies.
Jenny: Yeah, lucky me.