Jenny In The Lab
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Glen King stumbles out of a house, dying and calling for help. Glen takes a video of his death with his phone.

Jenny's father sneaks out of the home to tell Jenny something, and Liam pretends to be a magician so Ross can sneak him back in.

Dr. Peterson comes to the offices.

Glen's corpses body temperature keeps going up even though he's dead. Dr. Peterson discovers that the body is radioactive. Jenny cuts herself on his rib, and she must be isolated and monitored.

Jenny is unhappy about being kept out of the lab, especially when she witnesses Dr. Peterson taking over. She needs her pills but can't get them. Dr. Peterson and her team up to solve the case. He stole Glen king's personal effects.

The CNSC takes over the case. CSIS is concerned the corpse could have a been a terrrist/spy/threat to national security. The scramble all calls going out or in. Each is fighting for juristiction.

Sabine was coming to meet Jenny for lunch and got caught in the lockdown. Alison is worried about her baby. Sabina and her talk about Thanksgiving and make plans.

McAvoy is tailing Gerald Henry Jones with the help of Malik and Kim. Jones appears to be house hunting. Greer shows up and McAvoy worries about her blowing their cover or impeding the investigation. Jones catches on and confronts McAvoy. Greer's father was Jones's victim.

Glen King made corporate videos. He was shooting one for the Pendleton Nuclear Power Plant. He interviewed plant manager Spencer Brinks. He explains how dosimeter measures/monitors exposure to radiation.

Camilla Brent, Brink's wife, was head of health and safety. She and Glen were sleeping together.

Glen went into the restricted area and there was a valve malfunction. His nicotine gum became radioactive.

Dr. Peterson died.

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Coroner Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Dr. Baitz: Wonder why he ran outside instead of calling 9-1-1?
Dr. Allen: Maybe his cell was dead.
Dr. Bairz: This is why you shouldn't live alone.
Dr. Allen: I am not getting back with my ex just so I have someone around in case I have a heart attack. I'd rather get a landline.
Dr. Baitz: Your funeral.

My name is Glen King, and if you're seeing this, it's already too late. It's too ... too late.