Country Road - Coroner
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Jenny finds out Ross didn't get into University or graduate high school. He says he'll get a job and she says he has to pay $400 a month in rent now. Matteo Leaves for University. Ross decides to live outside in a tent since he can't afford rent. He gets a job at a bar/restaurant so he won't have to live in a tent.

Construction worker Mario runs over someone while driving to work. Jenny thinks he may have already been dead. She finds clothes from the victim in a tree. She thinks they fell from a great height.

McAvoy has trouble at a stakeout because of his injured foot. He's tailing a woman named Noor Ermias who put in a 9-1-1 call about the gunshot before the fire last episode. A man attacks her and his wife, who she is seemingly trying to help leave him. McAvoy makes an arrest. He suspects Noor helps people disappear, particularily women in abusive situations. McAvoy confronts her. They get shot at. She tells him she's a social worker.

A chartered commercial flight en route to Ottawa Capital Airport was rerouted to Metro Toronto Airport because of a medical emergency. It flew over where the body was found. There's a news clip. Jenny recognizes the clothes of a kid as belonging to the victim.

Alerio's brother comes in to I.D. him. They are from Venezuela, where it is very hard to get a visa to travel. He made the clothes and sold them. They find money, religious paraphanelia, and a map of the airport in his clothes. The Pilot smuggled him onto the plane and killed him when he realized he would get caught.

Jenny almost drowns in the bath. Liam tries to change his address and gets angry.

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Coroner Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Alison: Jenny? What're you doing?
Jenny: Can you call the autopsy suite?
Alison: Do you want me to call the fire department too? Yeah, I don't think our benefits cover "fall from tree!"

Ross: This is ... I wish I was coming with you. This is dumb.
Matteo: Literally, um, every place name at Queens ends in "Hall." Like, this hall, that hall. How the hell am I gonna know where I'm going? You're the navigator in our relationship.
Ross: I messed up. 'Kay, I messed up big time. And that's why I'm not coming with you, but I will find my way back to you.
Matteo: Promise?
Ross: Yes, I promise.