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Grayson and Jules want to keep their relationship a secret.

Jules, Bobby, and Laurie go to Travis’s school to pick graduation tickets. Bobby is still searching for his red balloon with two grand in it.  Laurie is not going because she has a trip with Smith.

Travis asks his parents not to make a big deal about his graduation because he doesn’t feel like he made a big splash of his time. Jules still wants to do something big with out Travis knowing.

Jules tells Travis to write a speech to say during graduation and he gets the job! Jules is overly proud and excited and makes a shirt out of the occasion.

Later that night, while Grayson is trying to get busy with her, Jules reads Travis’s speech out loud and realizes that she isn’t a part of it.

Laurie’s trip with Smith fell though and she kind of goes crazy on Ellie and cuts up her new hat. Later that day, Ellie sneaks into Laurie’s room and is about to cut up her dress and Laurie doesn’t care. She tells Ellie that she doesn’t think Jules cares about her as much as Jules cares about Ellie. Ellie convinces Laurie that she is just being crazy.

The next morning Laurie goes over to Jules house who tells her she has to go to the graduation - because she’s family. Laurie leaves and Ellie tells Jules if Laurie ever found out that she told Jules, she’d kill her.

On graduation day, Travis tells Jules that his speech is primarily about his dad - he wanted to do something nice for him because he is down about his life ending since High School. Jules says she understands and Travis tells her that she is the best mom ever.

Just as Travis is about to give his big speech, he spots the red balloon and tells the audience that he loves his dad and rushes off the stage to go get it. The entire family follows and together they try to capture it.

Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 1 Episode 23 Quotes

Drinking keeps women skinny!


Jules: Grayson and I are like pools - we're still just sticking our toes in each other. Grossest thing I ever said.
Grayson: I'm gonna go throw up.