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When the gang gets into an argument over whether men and women can be friends without sexual tension, Jules sets out to prove Grayson wrong.  After phoning all her old guy friends and finding out they want to sleep with her, she turns to creepy neighbor Tom.  After he grabs her butt during a hug, she admits to Grayson he's right, but he says he'd still be friends with her even if there was no sexual tension between them.  Not his choice.

Andy, meanwhile, gets sick of Ellie always bossing him around and wants some time to himself.  Andy decides the only time he has to himself is his commute to work so he decides to liven things up by buying Laurie's old motorcycle.  He ends up in a huge fight with Ellie and goes to spend the night at Bobby's boat and ends up missing Stan's recital.  They end up making up.

With Andy unable to join him, Bobby ends up taking Travis to go fishing, err noodling for catfish.   Bobby didn't want to invite Travis because he said the trip was too manly for Travis, but eventually admits it's making him sad how quickly his son is growing up.

Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

Laurie: Well I have tons of guy friends.
Grayson: Have you slept with any of them?
Laurie: Yeah, I've slept with all of the them, but only as friends.

Ellie: When Andy and I met, we were in the same circle of friends, but basically, it was just a doink chain that I worked my way around.
Andy: And guess who was last?