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When all of her friends are busy one night, Jules gets desperate and calls a 70 year old mortgage broker from work to out for a "friend date."  When they get home, Grayson sees them and concludes that Jules can't be alone.  He bets her $20 that she can't go a whole day alone.  After spending twenty minutes by herself swimming, trying on clothes and organizing change, she gives up and drives to go pick up Laurie from her random hookup with her ex.  With Laurie back at home, she decides to invite over Bobby, Travis, Ellie, and Andy for a secret BBQ.  

When Grayson overhears the loud party, he wins the bet and Jules ends up inviting him over to the BBQ.  The loner refuses and Jules sends Bobby and Andy over to convince him, but he ends up stealing them to watch Rudy with him.  Jules gets the guys back with the promise of Shawshank Redemption full experience (she recreates the escape through the tunnel at the end).  Grayson eventually comes over and adorable bonding ensues.

Meanwhile, Andy and Ellie fight when she refuses to thank him for doing stuff she feels he should be doing anyway.  Bobby ends up coming over to Ellie to convince her to throw Andy a bone and just thank him.  It turns out when Bobby was married to Jules, he used to have these life talks with Ellie all the time.  Now she just despises him and wishes he never screwed things up with Jules.

Oh and Laurie complains to Travis about her ex, he tells her how attractive she and is and how she's worthy of being listened to.  Laurie definitely seems to be into the young guy and man does Jules not appreciate that.

Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

I'm happy about Bobby's new horn, the odds from my son dying in a golf cart accident went from definitely to probably


Listen half pint, I'm not gonna thank you for things you're supposed to do. If I did I'd have to start thanking you for killing bugs and supporting me

Ellie [to Andy]