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Grayson is now officially dating Sara (Sheryl Crow), and it's definitely starting to bother Jules.  Jules initially denies being jealous and seems to like Sara, and decides to pull a classic Jules and meddle in their relationship.  When Grayson is acting very pursey-whipped (carrying her purse, painting toe nails, etc), Jules tries to tell Grayson how it's going to push Sara away.  He ignores her advice, until Sara tells him he needs space.  Grayson comes to Jules for advice, and she encoruages him to act how he does with her.  He blows her off to write a song, which they end up singing together in the end.

Jules, realize, is doing all of this from her new bathroom, which she had remodeled and expanded at Travis' room's expense.  She refuses to leave the room, which the gang eventually has to drag her from.  

Travis, meanwhile, has taken up photography and captures unexpected moments of people (aka candid photos).  After taking a picture of his girlfriend, Kylie with dog Travis, she's embarassed and makes him delete the photo.  He refuses, but doesn't fight to use the photo for his club.  Instead, he ends up fighting to use a nude photo he took of Ellie.  Kylie, gets jealous, but Ellie helps him fix the situation by convincing Travis to fight to use the photo of Kylie instead.  He does, problem solved.

Andy, meanwhile, is struggling to have sex with Ellie and needs to play hard to get to get her to be willing to put out.  However, he's unable to turn down his naked wife, until he tries pleasuring himself... with picture from Ellie's drivers license.  Wow.

Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

Jules: I can't believe your school makes you do photography projects. It's like they cater to the weird, artsy fartsy kids.
Travis: I started the photography club.
Jules: Cool.
Travis: Nice save.

Jules: I cannot wait for this bathroom to be done. In fact, put it in your calenders because I'm going to have a bathroom warming party.
Grayson: Can I bring Sarah to what sounds like the worst party ever?