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The group is drinking wine in the morning to try something new. Meanwhile, Travis gets rejected from his fall back college.

The next day, devastated and scared, Travis gets the letters from the other colleges. He gets accepted to both colleges. One is in Sarasota and the other is in California.  This drives Jules crazy. She tries everything to get him to pick the school closer to home.

Laurie realizes that she is dumping Smith because he is not dramatic enough for her. While out golfing Smith realizes this is what attracts her. He lies to her and tells her that he beat up her old boyfriend in order to get things back to being hot and heavy. After a nice romp in the sheets, he admits that he was lying.  Laurie is furious and leaves.

The next day, Laurie admits to Smith that she has a problem being attracted to the drama of a relationship and she wants to change for him.  He thinks of an idea to keep them both happy – his drama with his father. Laurie is thrilled that a guy would go to such great lengths to be with her.

Ellie gets mad at Andy for drinking wine and leaving stains on her coffee table. She kicks him outside to think about his actions. While outside, he realizes from the neighbors that night time when Ellie is sleeping is his man time.

The next day, this gets the whole group together at night for shenanigans. Ellie wakes up and is furious. Andy explains that he didn’t want everyone over, he just wanted some alone time. Ellie understands and gives this time to him.

After a couple agonizing days for Jules, Travis lets his mom know that the Florida school was his first choice. Jules is overly excited and decides to go with Travis to check out his future campus.  Once there, Travis tells his mom that he will be staying the night with one of his friends. Jules realizes that no matter how close he is, he still will not be home.

After crying her way home, Grayson is there waiting for her. He carries Jules into her house and after a couple tense seconds they kiss. They both realize that his is what they always wanted and he carries her upstairs to her bedroom!

Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

Jules: Wine in the morning on the weekends. Lets all think about it people.
Bobby: Think about what?
Grayson: Morning drinking.

That's how it started for my Uncle Max - then he bought some wigs and changed his name to Maxine, but you know what is really funny? He still goes by Max.