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When Jules runs into an old couple friend, Shanna (Rachael Harris) and Frank (Alan Ruck), on the beach she accidentally flashes them when her white bathing suit gets wet.  This leads Shanna to be a complete bitch to Jules and send her on a road trip for her 41st birthday rather than spending it at home.  She forces Ellie and Laurie to accompany her to a resort for a night of dinner and dancing.  However, when Ellie and Laurie keep fighting and refuse to attend the two events, dinner and dancing, together, Jules decides to ditch the girls and go out by herself. 

While out, Jules spends the night with the gay, but cute bellhop Trent (Alex Schemmer).  Afterwards, she goes to enjoy a topless night in the hot tub only to find Shanna and Frank, who also ended up staying at the resort for Frank to make up to Shanna for their fight about running into Jules, there.  Shanna ends up being a bitch to Jules again who heads back to her room.  She finds Laurie and Ellie have made up, but eventually exposes them for lying to appease her.  However, Laurie and Ellie prove they can at least unite when needs as the two of them head off to tear Shanna a new one.  Yay girl power.

Meanwhile, Jules left Grayson in charge of checking in on Travis because Bobby was out of town.  Travis tried to have a girl over, but Andy convinces Grayson not to let him so Grayson won't get in trouble.  After kicking the cute girl out, Travis comes out of the closet and even begins to hit on Grayson a little.  Grayson eventually tries to bond with him by talking about a homosexual experience he once had.  That's when Travis invites the girl back in and reveals his trick to blackmail Grayson.  Travis: 1, Grayson: 0.

Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Here, I'm Resort Jules. And Resort Jules is fun. And she's crazy. And she refers to herself in the third person like a professional athlete.


Your dad convinced some tourist that he's a hunting guide, so not only can he not watch you, but he might end up dead.