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Travis comes home with some fried chicken he got from skipping school and waiting on line with his father for the grand opening of a new store.  Jules yells at Bobby and tries to get him to agree to still be a team on parenting.  When Travis wants to go to a party, Jules says no drinking, and behind her back, Bobby tells Travis he can always call him to pick him up.  Just no drinking and driving.  Sure enough, Bobby goes to pick up Travis and tries to sneak him in the house only for Jules to be waiting up for him.  After a good scolding, we find out Bobby told Jules ahead of time.  Sneaky parenting team.

Meanwhile, Andy is taking out Roger Frank (Barry Bostwick), father of none other than Smith, to try and win him over as a client.  Laurie, meanwhile, is going to the same place with Smith to meet Roger and when she does, Roger thinks she's trailer trash.  Andy agrees with him during the meal in order to win him over as a client.  In the end he becomes so ridden with guilt, he tells Roger the truth as they're signing the paperwork and ends up losing him.  After the credits, Smith proposes to Laurie in front of Roger, giving him a heart attack.  Only for him to pop up and admit he and Laurie were in on the joke.  Zing.

Grayson, much to Ellie's annoyance, joins their morning coffee circle.  Ellie tries to maintain her alpha dog dominance by making Grayson take down his christmas lights.  He refuses so she chops down his tree.  He gets his revenge by decking her entire house in Christmas lights.

Meanwhile, Jules, who's never spent a Valentine's Day alone, asks Grayson to spend the night with her as a friend drinking beers.  He refuses until the very end.

Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Ellie: You know what panties are? They're a type of clothes most women wear under their skirts.
Laurie: Pass.

Jules: Oh my god, that bag is soaked with grease. I'm telling you right now, i don't care what's in it, I'm eating it.
Travis: It's a human head.
Jules: If it's deep fried, I'm still in.