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Jules is freaked out now that Trav is not living with him.  The gang realize that Jules is going to smother Grayson with attention.  When she starts to do it,  Grayson gets Jules preoccupied with a pretend thief in the neighborhood.  

The watch is going slow so that gang brings out Tom’s sweaty feet wine and start to stalk the neighbors. After some laughs everyone departs ways. Jules and Grayson go home and he admits that he made up the whole thing to get her mind off of Trav leaving home.

Bobby goes to see what Trav is doing in college and Andy goes to see what’s going on. Before everyone knows it, Jules is there. Grayson comes and tells her that she can lean on him. He makes her a jam room to rock out to.

Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Here, I'm gonna be a quiet bad ass. Like Harry Potter.


Can you believe it Kevin? This is college.