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The group is cheering on  the weekend and realize that their jobs are kind of lame, by Ellie’s standards.

Ellie has plenty of time and wants to find out more about Grayson and finds a home video of him as a pageant boy.

Bobby’s trainee tells him that he should register for a golf tournament. At the qualifiers Andy asks Bobby why he decided to actually try back.

Time flashes back and shows that the gang wanted to make Bobby feel better about his life by putting his boat into the marina.

Travis and Kirsten run into Laurie at a sorority house.  They question her why she decided to pretend she’s in a sorority and she tells them that it makes her feel better and they really idolize her.

Kirsten isn’t too thrilled with them hanging out with Laurie because she’s jealous of their relationship. This makes Travis and Laurie realize that there may be something there.

When the gang drop the boat into the marina it sinks to the bottom.  This makes Jules realize that Bobby has changed and isn’t the same man that he once was.

Bobby ends up winning the tournament and they are all happily rejoicing together.

Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Don't worry Kev. You'll find your chocolate Kirsten one day. Those are his words not mine.


It's Friday working stiffs. Three two one...happy weekend!