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Jules and Grayson decide to let Travis take photos at their wedding even though he takes very dark and depressing ones.

Angie and Bobby continue to sleep together, but with a little coaxing from Andy Bobby realizes he wants something more and breaks up with Angie.

Ellie challenges Laurie to a game of Simon, and relishes in the pleasure of Laurie failing miserably at the game.

Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Laurie: Jules told me never to ask, but why do you call me Jellybean?
Ellie: Well JB, when Jules first hired you I thought you were so simple minded she could convince you that Jellybeans were more valuable than gold and subsequently pay you in Jellybeans. This concept was eventually shorted into your nickname, Jellybean.

Travis: Grayson, I didn't know you were the little spoon.
Grayson: ...it makes me feel safe.