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Cougar Town returns with Jules and Grayson enjoying their first week of marriage, but Jules soon becomes down and blue after Grayson refuses to apologize for what he did in one of Jules' dreams. Ellie explains to Grayson that Jules is the light of the group and as she goes, so do they. She passes on her protection torch to Grayson, and tells him it's up to him to keep Jules happy now.

Meanwhile, Laurie and Travis put off talking about Travis' confession of love to her and Bobby literally runs away from all of his problems.

Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

I'm gonna leave before I stab a bitch.


Ellie: Jules Cobb is the light of our group, and as she goes so goes the rest of us. For many years I have been the keeper of that light, but I now pass the torch to you.
Grayson: I'm only taking this torch because I love mime.