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Cougar Town heads back to the past to see where everything begins. Jules and Bobby are still madly in love and very much rednecks; the beginning friendship of Jules and Ellie is formed; and Bobby and Andy begin their bromance in ernest.

Back in the present, Ellie is mad at Jules for sharing her past insecurities with the group. Wade and Laurie take a big step in their relationship by moving in together. Grayson wonders why he and Jules never had a cute first meeting with each other.

Heading back to the past once more Jules and Grayson bump into each other. Jules explains herself, and Grayson hands her a bottle wine telling her it's a great way to meet friends. They both walk away and then turn around to share one last look with each other.

Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

I'm gonna make that pale ass, icy bitch love me whether she likes it or not.


Ellie: Wow, you're annoying.
Jules: I know, but I'll always have your back.
Ellie: And I'm more loyal than I am mean.
Jules: Oh, well you're real loyal aren't you?