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Jules is having a difficult time with Laurie and Travis’ relationship, and tries to become a “film slut” to avoid seeing it. When Jules comes home to the shower on, she runs up to it thinking it’s Grayson, only to find it’s Laurie and Travis. She tries to avoid contact and run away, but she slips, falls, and grabs onto all sorts of appendages before breaking her wrist.
Jules tries to give her permission to the two with a series of escalating awkward moments she thinks are sexy until Ellie just tells her to go talk to them truthfully. Jules is really just scared of what will happen to the group, and wants to express them.
Thanks to international Penny Can royalties, Bobby is flush with cash - buying a used hot tub and soft serve ice cream machine - and Grayson decides its time to collect on Bobby’s bar tab. After a series of visual aides, Grayson realizes Bobby just isn’t getting it. Eventually, Grayson tells Bobby what he’s really feeling: he just wants a thank you for looking out for Bobby when he was poor.
Stan and Andy deal with Freddy Krueger.
Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Even I’m uncomfortable, and I once had sex in a cemetery. I had "Rita Rogers Loving Wife and Mother" printed on my back for two weeks.


Pale and tan swirl.