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The gang collects items for the cul-de-sac yard sale. Laurie tells Jules karma is going to get her because she’s not being entirely truthful about the stuff she’s selling. Jules refuses to believe and then a bird poops on her, twice. Travis tries to help Bobby overcome his first of roller coasts so Bobby can lay to rest his grandpa.
Ellie and Andy make a bet that she can’t go an entire day without being snarky to people. If she wins, the junk Andy’s collected from yard sales is gone, but if Andy wins, she has to wear a sumo wrestler blow up costume.
Jules tries to celebrate her profits, but the celebration is cut short when the cork from the wine bottle knocks Big Tippi off the counter and breaking into pieces.
Travis tries to use the green screen  to help Bobby overcome his fears and Andy tries to get Ellie to make a snarky comment after he buys more ridiculous things at the yard sale. Ellie realizes that Andy set her up: he can continue buying ridiculous items and she can’t say anything if she wants to win the bet.
Jules, thinking her karma is through the roof after doing many good deeds, watches as a car flies through the front door of her office. Ellie can’t keep her snark under wraps.
Big Chuck is introduced.
Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Letting you put this green screen in my apartment was one the worst mistakes of my life, and I've went out with Dennis Rodman y’all.


There is no greater tragedy than outliving your own wine glass.