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Travis wonders what kind of gift he should get Laurie. Stan thinks Ellie is fun mommy, and Andy is work daddy. Jules and Grayson join Laurie and Travis for brunch. Tom found a manuscript of a young adult novel by Josselin Bradshaw in a box of stuff he finds from Ellie's garage sale. She threatens to pull his spine out if he ever tells. Andy takes Stan and Bobby out for fun Daddy time.

Grayson and Jules think they're going to have an awful brunch, but are surprised when Travis and Laurie put out a gourmet spread. Ellie talks to Tom about the book. She couldn't finish the ending - she was being nice to people and stopped drinking - it was a really dark time for her. 

Jules tells Grayson to get in the game. Ellie and Tom discuss how to end the novel. Stan, Bobby, and Andy continue their fun times at the beach with everything locked in the car. Jules decides to do dinner with Laurie and Travis. Later that night, Travis and Laurie tell Jules and Grayson they rehearsed every moment of brunch. They wanted them to them seriously as a couple, and they look up to the relationship Jules and Grayson have together. 

Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

I did not watch Chapstick, but I did watch him to leave.


I don't remember taking any hallucinogenic drugs, but why else would I be seeing you in my house?