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Bobby is finally back, and Andy is more than a little eager to greet him. Triple sips, trampolines, ninja fights, and velcro walls take up most of their reunion time. 

Jules' father is in town, but she's convinced he's become old and sickly. She forbids him from taking part in a Civil War reenactment, so he sneaks out with Tom. She eventually busts him and forces herself into the reenactment so that she can coddle him. 

Laurie picked two of the worst baby names in all of history (Fancy and Macho), so Ellie helps Travis trick her into hating them. When she finds out they are trashing her names on purpose, she storms off. 

Even though Andy and Grayson love having Bobby back, they feel guilty that he's giving up a great new job opportunity in Georgia to stay with them. Andy in particular urges him to take the job, even if it means they'll be separated again. 

Laurie and Travis storm the Civil War reenactment, hoping Jules will settle their baby name dispute, but Laurie's water breaks in the middle of their argument. Tom offers to deliver the baby on the battlefield, but Jules' commandeers a horse drawn carriage to take them to the hospital. 

In the delivery room, Laurie refuses to have the baby until it has a name, and luckily Travis comes up with the perfect idea: Bobby. 

Cougar Town
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