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Charlotte needs surgery. She has a heart condition and needs another repair. 

Tess visits Charlotte. They get into an argument over Freya. While talking to Tess, she experiences heart trouble and the surgeon decides to do the procedure that day.

On her way to meet her adoptive parents, Luly's car breaks down. She calls Anthony to take her the rest of the way. 

Charlotte asks to bring Scott's ashes into the operating room.

Luly asks Anthony to accompany her to the meeting. 

Jules comes with Theo to the hospital.

Oliver comforts Tess after her fight with Charlotte.

Robin struggles with having to leave Charlotte for surgery.

Charlotte sees Scott when she's under anesthesia. She updates him on everyone's lives.

She expresses her worries about surgery, and he tries to comfort her.

Oliver tells Robin him and Peter are thinking of adopting another child.

Robin reveals that Charlotte is the child she's always felt closest to, and she's scared of losing her.

Regina, Luly's adoptive mom, reveals that Anthony lied for Scott during the custody case. He apologizes.

Theo and Jules say that they love each other.

Regina gives Luly a book by Toni Morrison.

Charlotte's surgery was successful. She says goodbye to her dad and works up the courage to come out to her family.

The Perrys scatter Scott's ashes in the water outside their house.

Council of Dads
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