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Emily Silk, Six weeks ago, gets smashed by a car. Howard arrives at the hospital. There was swelling on the brain and the nurse asked is there was someone she could call. Strange.

At a new hospital, Howard is visiting. She's still in a coma. He takes her glasses out of a plastic bag on the dresser, puts them on and takes a book, also from the bag. He doesn't read, though. Instead he tells her about his promotion.

OEmily is watching a movie in a theater, at least the preamble wherein the government tells the citizens it's a crime not to report any ill family or friends to the authorities. They all don masks. An operative or something arrives in the theater with his popcorn, sanitizes his hands and tells OEmily about the recent shooting involving Baldwin on the other side.

OEmily makes a call. She needs a visa.

Nobody on this side knows how Baldwin has Nadia's fingerprints.

Quayle is fucking a prostitute. He gets a call from Robert Schiff (who I swore I saw as a younger version earlier) wondering about Baldwin.

Schiff is Quayle's father-in-law. Archibald's face is swelling.

OHoward wants him or other him looking over his own shoulder at all times going forward. Archibald fucked up and OHoward only trusts himself.

Oh, his name is Aldrich. Well, he fucked up, so his name should be Archibald.

Howard talks to Baldwin. He gives a very sweet and innocent answer to her. Her other was innocent, she had nothing to do with any of this. He can't imagine what it was like for her to...

Howard wishes he had never met OHoward, he tells Baldwin.

Baldwin is meeting with a douche in underwear in the meantime. I'm not sure who the fuck he is, and he is ultra annoying. The only thing he has right is that J.K. Simmons is sexy, or at least his work is.

Schiff wonders who badly the people on the other side will want Baldwin. They hope to use her as leverage.

Claire's witch friend from Outlander is working in Schiff's office.

OEmily and OShaw get access to the embassy on the other side for six hours only. The restrictions are extreme.

During diplomatic discussions, the underwear dude says he reasonably knows this side had nothing to do with the pandemic that decimated their population. So the two sides have separated to the extent that they're now believing they're sabatoging each other's worlds.

OEmily apologizes to OHoward about trying to get him because the rendition order was fake.

Alexander Pope was the bad guy. Or, OAlexander OPope.

Howard wants to know who Baldwin works for and reveals Emily is his wife. Is she just a ruthless killer? Isn't there just a person inside of her who could have a real life? Not possible. He will see.

Quayle wants to sleep on the deal they made at the bargaining table. Schiff wants to know why he thinks they go through so much trouble to keep the doors open. Exploiting the differences between the worlds is worth everything. HIV treatment, the human genome...blah blah blah.

Schiff tells Quayle that sitting at the table is something he actually has to earn.

OEmily told OHoward what she was a lifetime ago. She says she might understand now what pulled him to this place and wonders if they're still together, over here. Happy.

Underwear comes in to tell OHoward when his visa expires, his travel privileges will be revoked.

OShaw can't believe that OHoward didn't give OEmily anything. He says it ruins people. The temptation, the knowledge that there is something else out there. It breaks people down. They should just build a wall and never come back.

OEmily squeezes her eyes shut as if to shut out a memory.

Baldwin is cuffed. Howard is across from her, as is Aldrich. Their vehicle is stopped by violent gunfire. It's covered by gasoline and Aldrich has ten seconds to get out. Asswipe does nothing until eight. It's Baldwin's friend from earlier. She tells her friends to leave them.

OHoward suggests they send Howard back to his world while Prime stays here. Howard is shocked. Leave his wife? Prime says, hey, she'd be dead already if not for me.

OEmily goes to the church because these fuckers do a lot of praying.

There is an entire lot of memoribilia and photos we have yet to see in the back, and she lights a candle for OHoward's mom, opens a drawer and takes out a note.

At home, Howard is enjoying a drink. On the other side in the same location, OEmily is reading a letter -- from Emily. She, too, was an agent, doing anything to keep her Howard safe. Fuck.

She was OHoward's source and someone knew. Her letters ask OHoward to reach out to Howard to protect him and keep him safe.

OEmily gets home to fine her light off. She finally turns it on and it cuts her finger. She carries on. It was poisoned.

She is either dead or paralyzed in he living room of her apartment, tears coming out of her eyes. Whoever was in her apartment dumps a pill bottle onto the floor, removes the pin that pricked her and leave the apartment in surgical booties.

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Counterpart Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

You think you're better than him, but someday you'll find out what I mean. You cannot escape who you are.


Quayle: Your presence here was supposed to be low profile.
OHoward: Yeah, well it's a little too fuckin' late for that now, isn't it?