Life Disrupted - Counterpart
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We see Ian for the first time. We also discover that Ian is Wesley Pierce. He has only been on the other side for ten years. He's not supposed to have any contact from his previous life. Now the big guy who first introduced brought Emily into her new position says Management wants him to find Emily Burton. Management gave Ian his new life, and they can easily take it away.

Quayle is in his office listening to his confession from his safe. He grabs some cigarettes and goes to see the remaining Lambert.

Lambert shares that he had no idea what his other saw in Clare, the one thing the two didn't share. Although Lambert is in a cage, Quayle asks what he wants while holding back his fear. 

Naya reveals to Peter she's been speaking with Emily and believes her when she recalls Shadow being a woman. Peter is shocked.

Emily Prime checks in with Ian after she discovers Mira preparing to do something.

At Echo, Peter Prime is watching the same game twice. The '95 finals. Their side lost the game and our side won. Peter thinks it's because of him. He had a fit when he got lost and couldn't find his seat. Peter Alpha didn't have the same fit and had a wonderful time with his dad. Maybe that's why he's a great man and Peter Prime is in Echo.

Quayle Alpha sends Howard Prime down to deal with the remaining Lambert. Then Quayle acts as shifty as possible in his office so that Naya gets suspicious. He severely underestimates her.

Howard is still bumbling around for the gun when Quayle and Naya get into the section holding Lambert. The guards are dead and so is Lambert. Quayle thinks Howard did it, but it wasn't him. 

When Peter A gets out of the phone room, Naya is having both of their offices searched. Peter is fucking panicked. They find his safe and ask him to enter his combination. Inside are a bunch of folders and no recorder.

The guy who guards evidence wishes to report a missing item. Sig Sauer. He prepares to nail Howard Prime.

Howard Alpha meets with Yanek. Yanek has a great secret to tell.

Mira arrives at Echo. She waits for her person inside to turn off the cameras.

Naya pulls Howard P into the office and asks if Peter A is asking him to do things to protect his life and that of his wife. Howard can have a way out if only he'll tell the truth. Worse, she speaks to him like he's a lucky, but nimble idiot.

Peter A begs Howard P for help. His suggestion is for Peter to commit suicide. That's really fucked up.

At Echo, Peter P is looking for his tape. It's gone. Looking for his tape and asking the wrong person causes a ruckus, possibly THE ruckus the dude inside was hoping to achieve. He shuts off the lights and causes an utter nightmare. Howard asks what's happening. Yanek simply says, "leave."

The poor bastard on the inside wonders if his family is safe. He made a deal with the devil. Nobody comes out of that alive.

There is a knock at Clare's door. It's Spencer. It was he who took care of Lambert. they talk a bit. Then they reacquaint themselves.

At the same time, Peter makes his scripted call home. But he gets in "can you tell Spencer I love her?" and then "Clare, I love you."

He sees Naya waiting for him by his office and runs to the bathroom. Grabbing the gun, he runs, but cannot kill himself. Instead, the woman who saw him with the tape saves him before taking her own life. WTF???

Emily Prime arrives outside Echo. Inside, Howard A is crouching down. Mira and Yanek come face to face and Yanek says, "You have the same eyes..." Emily almost catches them, but they're gone.

Howard kills someone and isn't pleased about it. Emily finds him. What is the status of Peter?????

They slashed Emily's tires.

I need the internet to show me who was in those photos!!!


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Counterpart Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Peter A: Thank you.
Howard P: It wasn't me.
Peter A: What do you mean it wasn't you?
Howard P: Somebody else got to him first.

Peter A: What's going on?
Naya: Lock the doors.