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A guy might be getting out of the city. Oh, it's young Yanek. He's on a mission to get photos of East Berlin in 1987 so his family can watch American baseball in a month after being smuggled out.

He has two kids and a wife. His wife is aware of what's happening. Their family is in turmoil over what Yanek does and believes. There is talk of the rotten fascists and the hard work Yanek does to keep his kids out of trouble.

Yanek heads into work at what we know as the Embassy. He made some changes to the X-ray splitter. It should get rid of the nasty bug. The woman says it will take her all day.

At 5 p.m., Yanek eyes the clock and pulls out his camera as everyone leaves. He heads into the guts of the operation and past the Light Source Synchrotron. He types something into the machine and continues snapping photos.

The machine starts glitching while he's snapping. Fatal ERROR/Press any key to ABORT/ is the first message. Yanek keeps snapping. As the room starts shaking and even melting, he doesn't stop snapping photos. It's too late to stop the error. Grabbing a large flashlight seems like the thing to do, so he does it.

Exploring the ridiculously extensive damage he's just created, Yanek doesn't even seem frightened of the underground area cracking around him.

He calls out. Hello? Is someone there? Who is it? It's Yanek. Both men drop their flashlights and run.

Mira takes Yanek to a place where her father used to bring her (or not her as she wasn't her yet -- this is getting confusing) and shows him his journals that she found on the other side. They have a lot to discuss.

In 1987, the Yaneks are uncertain who created whom, as they both just ran the program so they could be upstairs. Finally, one invites the other to come over and talk.

They are very calm for having just created a quantum entanglement.

Yanek has to then tell the guy who was going to smuggle him out of East Berlin that he needs more time there. The car is leaving in 72 hours without him either way.

With the Synchrotron down, the two Yaneks begin a study of what they have done. Upon the realization of how similar they were, the realization of how worthless the experiment was hit them. Or one of them, anyway.

It's time to manufacture a control and chaos situation.

With one simple adjustment, we would set our worlds on two irreversible different paths. A simple gift given or not to Mira changed the entire fate of the two worlds.

Mira says she is not a part of the war, but she and Yanek are going to end it.

After a few weeks, the Yaneks decide to bring their teams in on the results of the experiment. It's very much like the first time everyone sees each other on Fringe.

They call each other their "echo." They cannot meddle in the lives of their other and must remain discrete to themselves.

They all know what their others are thinking, so there isn't any fooling themselves about what they're thinking.

The photo from Counterpart Season 2 Episode 5 featured all of the doubles. It was a fantastic time of self-discovery and experimentation until the original Yanek's son was about to be taken into custody for his subversive literature.

Mira was oblivious, listening with her headphones until their son was having an epileptic fit on the floor. They couldn't find his medication. He died in front of her.

One of their sons died and the other was fine, all because of that gift. One world full of grief and the other continued as it should have.

Shortly after the death of one of the sons, the wall between East and West Berlin falls.

Martin wants to expand the study of the interchange. The original Yanek isn't interested. While the others discuss creating the Office of Interchange and making the Fourth Floor theirs alone, Yanek OG takes Yanek Prime's coat and goes to his home to see Ranier.

He acts inappropriately to the family. On that day, he betrayed his world and himself and knew he would do it again. When offered to share, he balked, but doing it clandestinely was alright with him. What a shame.

The Office of Interchange continues, right down to painting a line of yellow between the two worlds.

While Yanek Prime is happily overseeing the project, Yanek Alpha is screwing his wife. Or so he thought. When Mira suggests he returned just minutes after left, OG is furious.

Yanek talks to one of his teammates about the separation of the worlds and how their immune systems are starting to differ. He's thinking of creating a biological weapon. After all, if they're having the conversation, who's to say they aren't having it also?

Both Yaneks wind up at Yanek Prime's place. Prime says he cared for the Alpha's family because he was worried about them. Alpha is freaked out, defeated, and unable to see reason. He is FOMO to the grandest degree.

As always, it only takes one hit for a guy to do something they'll later regret. Alpha kills Prime while Mira watches. That'll screw up a girl for good.

Alpha climbs up the stairs of the crossing covered in blood. He's caught immediately. His teammates report his daughter saw everything. He says Prime was wrong. They both gave into it. Prime did, too, same as Alpha. He's certain everyone is like him.

Alpha is being given to their world as a prisoner. It's the only way to restore order.

They talk by suitcase because they lost trust in each other after the virus was released. Management is the original team, once friends, now lost and confused all because of Yanek Alpha.

Mira sends a message to Management. She wants to surrender herself and her father at a meeting with all of them.

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Counterpart Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

It was like walking through a perfect reproduction. It was a miracle. His world was impossible to differentiate down to the most minute detail. And that was the problem. It was exactly the same. If this experiment was to have any impact, something drastic had to be done.


Yanek: I used to bring you here.
Mira: It wasn't me you brought. It wasn't here you brought her.