Clare Has the Look - Counterpart
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As everyone in the Indigo crowd prepares to go on a mission, they all get immunized first. They expect to die, talking about what they never got a chance to do.

Ethel, though, will not be going. Plans for her have changed.

Mira has no doubt that everything will go her way.

Ian takes Emily Prime and Howard Alpha into custody, separating them into different rooms.

Howard Prime visits Nadia. He needs her services. Howard notices the difference in her just by her apartment.

Nadia says killing his people sits with her. 

Naya isn't kidding around in her questioning of Clare and wants all of the details. It's during that time that Peter discovers why Clare named their daughter Spencer.

Naya has a child and a husband. She tries to explain to her little boy that working all the time is done on his behalf. 

Ian is chatting with Management. An agent from the other side has come in from the cold and requested Emily Burton to question her directly. Ian is greatly annoyed not knowing who she'll see.

A door opens to the other side of a room and the Emilys finally come face to face. Emily Alpha only says, "wow."

Emily A says she discovered the flu history years ago and went to management. They told her to fuck off and she kept her head down and accepted the promotion. Then Mira found the report and used it to radicalize a whole generation.

Emily P wants none of the touchy-feely part of meeting her other. She wants answers. Emily A decided not to have a child but tries to say she visited Anna because Emily P was always working.

Emily A made Howard's return a condition of their meeting. She asks her counterpart for permission and wonders if she's already lost him.

Howard A still wants to make a deal, but he learns he's already going home. He and Ian share a nice moment. 

In the meantime, Emily is getting the run around about her job. The new development proves she betrayed their initial arrangement. Howard and Emily say goodbye. It's kind of gutting.

Mira and Yanek are taken into custody in very dramatic fashion.

While Mira is in custody, management ascends to the fourth floor. Yanek is released and sent to the fourth floor. He greets what remains of management.

Before she runs off, Clare tells Peter he'll hear things about her and Spencer that won't be easy. He questions her love and she affirms it's him she loves.

Clare goes into Spencer's office for a chat. It's very large. She looks around to see what his office is like. She makes small talk. He wonders why she is there.

Yanek tears into his old friends. He's appalled that their world didn't cop to knowing about the virus and hold them accountable. When they say they've all made peace with their past mistakes, Yanek is embarrassed. But they don't want war! Yanek says they ARE at war.

Mira lets Ian know he'll be the one to let her go. She had it all planned down to knowing he would be the one who let her out of the cell. His wife is being held for the second time. 

Clare shares with Spencer that Emily is remembering everything. She wants to know what was in the cases. She's found out but gets away when a secretary enters the office.

Clare calls Peter. They're on to her. She runs into the tube, but Spencer gets her. Inside the tube are Nadia and Howard P. They'll take them both.

While all of Management are arguing, Mira enters the room and kills them all except Yanek who is free to go.

Mira lies to Yanek when she tells him to go home. She says her other is still alive living in their old house and even has children.

Mira enters the room where the Emilys met earlier. She opens two cases, one from each side. Upstairs has an urgent message.

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Counterpart Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Nadia: I don't want to kill anymore.
Howard P: Yeah, well, if you want a life in this world, Indigo is about to make that really fuckin' difficult.

Mira: Do you remember when I was seven and the schoolmaster said I couldn't wear pants, that only the boys were allowed?
Yanek: Yes.
Mira: What happened?
Yanek: You convinced them to change the rules, and you never wore a skirt again.
Mira: People can be flexible when they need to be.