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Annie found herself trapped in Zurich on this week's episode. A bomb went off in the airport as soon as she arrived for a basic suitcase switch with an Israel agent. This forced her to go dark and avoid the authorities.

Eventually, she hooked up with this agent and was forced to decide if she could trust him or not. Complicating matters was the fact that Auggie was NOT the person on the other end of the line when she did call in to headquarters at one point.

That's because he was being interrogated by one of Arthur's employees who was assigned to finding the person who was leaking information to the press. During the polygraph, which Auggie obviously passed, we discovered that his application for more field work had been turned own. He didn't totally satisfied with his desk job.

Back in Switzerland, Annie and her new agent pal eventually worked together, retrieved the suitcase she had hidden and made the switch their governments had asked for. Annie made it back home safely and also finally found another foreign agent she could trust.

Covert Affairs
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Covert Affairs Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Arthur: I can play "rip the band-aid" off, too. Trust me when I say this: my version hurts more.

There is only one person you can truly trust here, and you are doing a great job trying to alienate her.

Joan [to Arthur]