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Eyal Lavine is back in town, this time pretending to be a CIA agent.  Annie follows him but ends up just riding with Eyal as he works on a mission.  He finds an informant and attempts to get information out of him.  Eyal and Annie are eventually hit up by gunmen, but they get out alive just as the FBI show up.


Eyal is sent home, but he is able to get off of his commercial flight.  Annie finds him at a bar, and he tells her that the man he's looking for killed his sister.  They go up to a hotel room where Annie handcuffs him to the bed.  The man Eyal wants makes his way upstairs, but Eyal gets out of his cuffs and takes out the man and his henchmen.


Meanwhile, Auggie fills out the paperwork to make his relationship with Parker official.  He wants the final four month before she heads off with the Peace Corps to be special.


Covert Affairs
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