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Auggie went on a bit of a vacation to Istanbul for the Jazz Festival.  What he found was a lot more than music.  He overheard the voice of the man that blinded him almost five years ago.  He went out searching for him, and found out that he was boarding a plane to Lima.  Auggie got on the cargo plane, fought him, and thought about killing him, but turned him over to the FBI instead.

While this was all happening, Auggie was flashing back to the time that he was in fact blinded.  He was a Captain in the Special Forces over in Iraq.  His team had a lead on a terrorist, and they found him in his safe house.  After killing most of the terrorists, a bomb was planted in the team's truck, killing what was left of Auggie's team, and blinding him forever.

Covert Affairs
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Covert Affairs Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Auggie: You're lucky you're cute.
Franka: You don't know that.
Auggie: Oh yes I do.

Auggie: It's a voice.
Franka: Who's voice?
Auggie: The man who blinded me.