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The Yemen Prime Minister has a heart attack and is brought to America for surgery.  Annie wants to turn the Prime Minister's Chief of Staff, because she believes he has the potential to be great.  She reaches out to him, but he wants nothing to do with the CIA.  She is persistent, and eventually gets him to think about it.


Arthur orders Annie to get out of dodge after the state department finds her interacting with Sayid, the Chief of Staff.  She continues to work on Sayid, quoting a brilliant article she claims he wrote.  When the CIA won't grant Sayid's family immunity, it falls apart.  Annie puts in a transfer to leave the DPD.


Meanwhile, Auggie goes on a field trip with his therapist.  He blindfolds her and has her walk across the road.  He then reveals that at one moment he gave up on life.  He walked into traffic wanting to end it all.  Obviously, nothing happened.

Covert Affairs
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