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- Annie asks Auggie about his wife, Helen. He reassures Annie that his wife is dead. Annie looks at pictures of Helen and informs Auggie that she is alive and has been working for Arthur. Auggie confronts Arthur and punches him. Arthur then suggests that Annie and Helen go on a mission together to find the missing missiles.


- On the mission, Helen tells Annie that she's going to have to chose between love and the job. When Henry shows up in town, Helen wants to give up the mission but Annie refuses. When going to make the buy for the missiles, the guy tries to kill Annie, but Helen was there to save her.


- Auggie worked with the CIA's tech guys on a off-book basis to figure out the forest picture from Seth's thumb drive. It contains an image of Henry meeting with an ALC terrorist. 


- Annie returns home to meet Auggie and they break up.

Covert Affairs
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Covert Affairs Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

I can't ever trust you again.


We have a phrase for that at MI6, "incredibly bloody stupid."