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Annie dyes her hair, gets new clothes and a motorcycle to become her new identity: Jessica Matthews. She befriends Henry's ex-wife, Sana in order to find out what Henry has planned. When Annie goes to work with Sana, one of Henry's associates realizes she's still alive. Before he could send the text message, Annie knocks him out. While removing his body, Sana confronts Annie. They end up revealing the truth to each other and start to work together. While trying to escape, Annie shoots the man.


In DC, the CIA is dealing with the aftermath of Annie's death. Auggie and Calder are the only two that know Annie's still alive and they work together to investigate Henry. Calder becomes an ally of Calder and gains his trust by revealing an investigation into him. Though, it's fake. 


The Campbells don't know that Annie's still alive. Joan is demoted to work in a department to analyze photos. She is furious to see Calder and Henry working so closely together.  And, Arthur is still in custody. 

Covert Affairs
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Covert Affairs Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Auggie: Don't even talk to me
Calder: I'm not the enemy here.
Auggie: Really? I think you are.
Calder: Annie W alker died because she went rogue.
Auggie: She was not a traitor. You shot her in cold blood before she could explain herself. You did this, Calder, all of it.
Calder: You want to know why I didn't save her? Whey the hell didn't you?

I'm already dead.