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- Arthur shows up at Annie's house and they confide in each other. He comes clean on the resignation and she reveals her meetings with Henry Wilcox. Arthur, Annie, and Auggie team up to figure out what's going on. Arthur gets them to agree to keep Joan in the dark to preserve her innocence before she takes the polygraph.


- Annie catches Joan sick in the bathroom and figures out her boss is pregnant. She agrees to keep it a secret from Arthur.


- Annie follows Henry, taps a phone call, and figures out that he has ties to an oil company. A mystery man is also on the call. He turns out to be Joan's former lover, Seth. Annie searches his home while he's supposed to be out with Joan. He gets back early and they fight. Seth ends up falling off a bridge and he may be dead.


- Henry wants Annie to go kill Teo in Colombia.


- Joan figures out that Arthur was lying about the affair and confronts him about it. He tells her about Teo and she reveals she's pregnant.

Covert Affairs
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Covert Affairs Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Arthur: Since when did you start carrying on US soil?
Annie: Since the last time someone broke into my kitchen.

Annie: Joan, are you pregnant?
Joan: Just one more thing I didn't see coming. So much for women's intuition.