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Calder takes over the DPD and changes things up right away. Due to Auggie and Annie's personal relationship, he can no longer be her handler. Instead, Calder takes over as Annie's handler. Her first assignment is to go to Vienna and form a business arrangement with Stavros for the trade of missiles using a new NOC. Annie successfully meets Stavros and gets his attention.


When she's supposed to make their first deal for his art and antiquities that the agency had stolen returned to him, he tries to double cross Annie by killing her. She held back an expensive art piece and that gets his attention. He agrees to work with her and gives her 24 hours to find a buyer for his 25 missiles. Calder sends in a guy he worked with before, but he's not ready. Annie decides to back out of the deal.


Throughout this mission, Calder ordered Annie and Auggie to cease any communication. Auggie works behind Calder's back to help Annie out. He continues even after being threatened by Calder. After Calder's man failed, Auggie called Teo to help out Annie by using his cover to buy the missiles. Teo shows up but instead of going through with the missile purchase, he kills Stavros and his man. And, Teo then leaves the phone Annie gave him behind.


When Annie returns to work, Calder is skeptical of her report that she killed Stavros in self-defense. Annie left out any mention that Teo was there. Also, he asks her about the missing missiles. Instead of 25 as Stavros reported, Interpol only found 20 in the trucks.


Annie meets with Henry who tells her that Seth is dead. As he leaves the meet a mysterious woman follows him.

Covert Affairs
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