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Annie shows up at Auggie's place after Helen was killed to tell him. She updates him on the case and that Helen found out that Nelson Smith was moving money for Henry. They go to Helen's apartment to look for clues. While there Annie realizes that Auggie is familiar with her place. One of Henry's men shows up at the apartment and Annie escapes.

FBI Agent Rossabi contacts Joan about a shipment of money that they confiscated. She tracks the serial numbers and realizes that Henry is stealing CIA money to fund his operations. She tracks the money to New York. She contacts Auggie looking for Helen and finds out she was killed.

Annie tracks Nelson Smith. She wants information on him, but he crashes the car before he gave up anything. She convinces him to help her to protect himself. He gives her a few days and tips her off to the courier in New York.

Joan goes to New York to track the money and finds out it's being sent to Hong Kong. When she leaves the courier, she runs into Annie and finds out she's still alive. They team up and work through Calder to stop Henry.

Auggie has Barber watching over Henry's house and puts together a team to raid and capture Henry. They breach Henry's compound, but he's not there. Then, Calder shows up with his team to do the same thing. Henry's on the run.

Joan takes Annie to the airport where they meet up with Calder. Joan apologizes for hating Calder and thanks him for looking out for Annie. Then, Calder, Annie, and Auggie head to Hong Kong to bring Henry down.

Covert Affairs
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