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- Auggie is appointed the temporary head of DPD by Joan. His position causes stress in the relationship between Annie and Auggie, but they work through it. They both decide that the outside relationship is more important than the inside work one. Auggie comes clean about the secret regarding Teo after being outed by Henry. Auggie trained Teo to be an off-book agent. During that time, Auggie had a cover marriage that became a real relationship. Auggie's wife was killed due to bad intel from Teo. That's why Auggie is hesitant to believe Teo's information.


- Annie acts on the lead provided by Teo. She follows the Chens and overhears their meeting with Henry. They moved money for the CIA man and he paid for the attack in Colombia. When Annie fears she's losing the evidence against Henry, she moves in and contacts Mrs Chen without permission. The potential asset runs, but Annie convinces them they are better off with her than with Henry. They do come in, but are killed while at the safe house.


- Auggie loses his promotion at the DPD and is replaced by Calder Michaels. Henry met with and blamed Arthur for Jai's death. In response, Henry threatened to kill Arthur's son and acknowledged he knew about the new baby on the way. In the aftermath of the Chens' deaths and Henry's threats, Arthur moves back in with Joan.

Covert Affairs
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Covert Affairs Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

He didn't raise a son. He raised a spy.


Joan: Still the scorned wife in public.
Arthur: Yet, I'm the one wearing the scarlet letter.