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Annie gets Sana to agree to help her figure out Henry's plan. Sana's not happy about Annie's secrecy though and questions whether she is up to the challenge of facing off against Henry. Annie takes advantage of Andrew Goodman's death and pretends to be the man.


Annie plants the evidence against David and the innocent man is taken away by Interpol. This infuriates Sana, but she continues to go along with Annie's plan and meets with Henry. Annie texts Henry pretending to be Goodman and blackmails him to guarantee Sana's safety.


It works until Henry finds out that Goodman is dead and then he tracks down Sana and threatens to kill "Jessica Matthews." Annie tells Sana that there's still a way out of the mess for them all. Sana believes that Annie isn't any better than Henry. Annie leaves Sana behind. After leaving, Annie has a fit of rage and then leaves on her motorcycle while Helen is watching.


Back in DC, Auggie and Calder continue their plan to shake up Henry. Auggie starts the rumor about the blue file investigation about Henry and it quickly gets around. When Henry confronts Braithwaite about it, he denies it since it was a ruse. Henry seems to believe him and contacts Calder for a meeting when he returns from Geneva.


Helen shows up at Auggie's place and says that they are still married. She never stopped believing that and has always worn the necklace he gave her. Auggie's upset that she showed up now that Annie's gone. He pushes her away.


Joan questions Auggie about talking to Calder. He blows it off as nothing and tells Calder they can't talk in the office any more. Joan wants to work with Auggie on the Henry issue, but he's concerned since Arthur and Joan hired Helen to help them.



Covert Affairs
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Covert Affairs Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

I was there when the bomb went off.


I'd do anything for you.

Henry [to Sana]