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Auggie gets a lead on the bank that the Postman's payment went through. In order to access the records, he wants to use Natasha to build a back door into the bank. Annie offers to go as his handler.

Auggie's first approach fails, but he gets closer the second time literally. He reconnects with her in bed. She agrees to help but only if she gets the charges against her dropped. He agrees to try.

She creates the key, while Annie gets close to Ivan Kravec to plant the back door.

When the FBI refuses to drop charges, Auggie attempts to use the truth to convince Natasha to help anyway. She refuses, but they end up in bed together. Annie steals the key and Natasha accuses him of playing her.

Annie successfully completes the mission. Auggie is furious with Annie for using him.

The bank account is tied to Ivan Kravec . 

Annie tells Natasha that Auggie didn't know her plan. Natasha shows up at Auggie's house.


Covert Affairs
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