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The CIA finds out that Ivan Kravec has an important meeting coming up and Annie goes in to try to uncover his role in the Chicago bombing.

Despite drugging him and leaving Kravec during their previous encounter, Annie reconnects with Ivan and gets invited to the Russian Embassy. Auggie and his team help prevent her from being identified since she's wanted by the Russian government.

At the Russian Embassy, Annie runs into Ryan McQuaid. He doesn't give up her cover.

Ivan knew that Annie was CIA and attacks her and drugs her. She fights back and runs into McQuaid while trying to escape. He lets Ivan take Annie and follows.

In the end, McQuaid saves Annie after shooting, but not killing Ivan. 

Auggie tells Natasha about Hayley and plans on breaking up with the investigator until he finds out that Annie's being targeted. He talks to Joan and they agree he must keep Hayley close. Natasha's not happy to hear Auggie's going to keep seeing the other woman.

Calder finds out his lady's real name when she comes up during the investigation. He asks her to keep him out of her testimony and she complies. Despite the risk, he continues to see her.

Joan has Auggie look into where Arthur went on his last trip for McQuaid. When she finds out his convoy hit an IED, they have a heart-to-heart about their new work relationship. When the Chicago bombing is tied to the FSB and Russians, she hires Arthur through McQuaid to help in the investigation.

Covert Affairs
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