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Olga lets Annie know they are both on the same side and she needs Annie's help in putting a bullet in Belenko's head. 

The two join forces and Annie warns Olga she needs Belenko alive. Olga informs Annie that he killed her husband.

Annie blackmails Belenko's doctor in order to capture him. She succeeds and she and Olga attempt to interrogate him to find out Auggie's whereabouts. He taunts Olga who resorts to torture to find answers.

Belenko's goons track them down due to him having a tracker in his mouth and Olga is shot.

Both Annie and Olga hide out in an apartment in which Olga bleeds out and dies. 

We find out Belenko is dying. 

McQuaid contacts Joan who says he isn't helping find Auggie. McQuaid says he is and the two of them set out for answers. They find the man he sent to watch over Auggie dead.

Calder asks Sidney to bug her sugar daddy for information about Belenko's whereabouts and she is almost caught when he cuts the meeting short.

Calder and Joan try to get information from him, but he doesn't give any information. 

Joan informs Annie all of Langley's resources are at her disposal to find Auggie.

Covert Affairs
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Covert Affairs Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

I need your help putting a bullet in Belenko's head.


I don't blame you. I wouldn't talk in front of me either.