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Annie has to work with McQuaid in order to find a way out of Venezuela. She fears the car he picked is too flashy and will draw attention to them. She was right. Some kids pop the trunk and find Borz in there. Annie takes the wheel and gets them to safety.

Annie and McQuaid hole up in a house so she can question Borz. She lies and tells him Oksana is alive and needs help. If Borz helps, Annie promises to help his sister. Borz gives up the name "Postman" before he dies.

Annie and McQuaid eventually find a way out of the country, meanwhile Auggie reaches out to a contact to try and identity the "Postman."

Calder's secrecy about his lover is because he's involved with a prostitute.

Auggie and Hayley agree their night was a one night thing, until she shows up at his house and they hook up again.


Covert Affairs
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