Julia - Cowboy Bebop
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A mechanic lectures Jet on the state of his ship. Jet refuses to pay her cost for a new part and leaves to find a cheaper option.

Jet tells Spike about it and asks him to follow up on a lead, Cy-Baba. Spike calls it a phantom bounty but Jet assures him the lead is solid.

Faye opens up her new railgun. Everyone tells her it's a scam item.

Faye's left to keep an eye on the mechanic. The mechanic is into that.

Spike drives up to the location the lead gave them. He is welcomed by recorded messages on screens and follows them into the orientation room.

Spike sits down and starts the orientation. Eventually, he's tired of it and jumps out of the chair. He exits through an outside door to an alley. As he's about to re-enter the clinic, Julia appears and greets him as Fearless. As they reconnect, Vicious appears and kills her.

Spike awakens in the chair again. The events replay again.

In reality, Spike is restrained in the chair.

Jet can't reach Spike. He goes to the clinic too and finds Spike jacked into the machine and restrained in the chair. A man, Dr. Kaypack, appears to stop him from releasing Spike. Removing the device will fry his brain. He explains that Cy-Baba was never real. It was a cover story for an AI he created to capture people's consciousness that went psychotic and killed thousands of test subjects.

On the ship, Mel, the mechanic, and Faye have sex and pillow talk.

In the AI program, Julia wants Spike to let her go.

In reality, Dr. Kaypack says if the AI breaks Spike's emotional tether, it'll devour his consciousness.

In order to shut it down, Jet has to go to the mainframe on Earth.

In the AI program, Julia dies again, accusing Spike of killing her.

Jet discovers Faye and Mel in their love nest/engine room and fill them in on Spike's predicament.

In the AI program, the simulation has started again but the graphics are deteriorating. Spike tries to get Julia to the Bebop. She calls him a monster and says she could never love him.

Jet lands the Bebop despite the engine room being on fire. They rush into the mainframe building and try to cut the powersource.

Mel gives Faye a hairpin and she uses her new railgun to destroy the powersource.

Spike's consciousness upload is interrupted at 99% complete.

He's recovering on the ship when Jet debriefs the AI and Londes Clinic situation. Spike tells Jet he can't remember what he saw in the simulation.

Mel leaves Faye's quarters. Faye gifts her the rail gun.

Alone in his quarters, Spike remembers the last moments of the last simulation. He didn't give up Julia but Vicious kills him.


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Cowboy Bebop Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Faye: You don't know where to turn. Who to trust. You have no frame of reference. The first time you touched a hot kettle, or skinned your knee. Because you're already a grown up. No one to lean on. No one to be loved by.
Mechanic: I don't know who you were, or what you forgot, but I don't think that changes the soul. And I can see you got a really, really good soul.

Who are you kidding? Everything you touch dies.