On Fire - Cowboy Bebop Season 1 Episode 1
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Tanaka's gang is robbing the Watanabe Casino and, while they're transferring the woo, Tanaka makes a speech about the evils of corporations.

Spike arrives by elevator, acting nonchalant. He attacks Tanaka and his closest goons but takes cover when the rest of the gang opens fire with automatic weapons. Jet comes through the ceiling.

One of Tanaka's men comes out of the bathroom and prepares to fire a disruptor which Jet warns him against. It goes off and punches a hole through the hull of the station.

Everyone and everything starts being sucked out of the casino. Spike manages to grab Tanaka while Jet pulls the shielding switch.

Spike dreams of making love and being shot. He and Jet discuss bounty hunter business over dinner.

In New Tijuana, Asimov and his pregnant girlfriend enter a bar. She sits at the bar while he tries to sell Red Eye to a man in the back. The buyer won't deal unless he proves it's real so Asimov injects himself and starts to go berserk.

Tommy and his Syndicate goons walk in.

Tommy shoots the dealer. Asimov takes out all the goons. Tommy runs.

Jet and Spike turn in Tanaka for his bounty on Europa but lose most of their payday due to the damage they caused in the casino.

Jet runs into Chalmers. Chalmers gives him a lead on Asimov Solensan despite their dislike of each other.

Spike is working out on the Bebop. He's not keen on chasing Asimov down on New Tijuana. Jet wants the job so he can buy his daughter the doll she wants for her birthday.

Spike and Jet canvas the locals about Asimov. The barkeep warns Jet a girl with purple hair has been asking about Asimov and his girl too.

Asimov forces a medic to patch him up. Spike finds the girlfriend outside, smoking.

Faye arrives to collect the girlfriend. She's the daughter of a big deal, Ellis Montgomery. She's Katerina Montgomery and she doesn't want to go back home.

While Faye and Spike fight, Katerina and Asimov get away. Spike takes Faye back to the Bebop and locks her in the bathroom.

Knowing Asimov and Katerina want to go to Mars, Jet decides to set a trap at the space port.

Asimov takes another Red Eye to fight Spike. Syndicate arrives and starts shooting at everyone. Katerina is shot in the stomach and the Red Eye she was carrying spills out. Spike takes out the Syndicate goons. Asimov gets his hands around Jet's throat.

One of the Syndicate guys, Chivo, recognizes Spike and calls him Fearless, claiming he should be dead. Tommy overhears. Spike kills Chivo.

Just as Jet's losing consciousness, Faye shoots Asimov. Katerina gets Asimov into a ship and takes off. Spike pursues in another ship.

Katerina realizes Asimov is dead. The guards on the space gate warn Katerina she will be fired on if she approaches the gate. Spike tries to talk her out of it but she chooses to make a run for the gate.

Tommy reports in to Vicious about Chivo calling Spike Fearless. Vicious executes Tommy and orders his guards to track down Fearless and bring him his head.

Vicious lights a woman's cigarette. It's the woman from Fearless's dream.


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Cowboy Bebop Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Tanaka: I am walking out of here or she dies.
Spike: Or she dies? Wait, that's your hostage? What is she? Like 80? I mean, she looks like she's led a very full, rich life. Haven't you, ma'am?

I worked in a casino once. Until they fired me. For stabbing a pit boss in the eye. And then he got fired because what's the use of a one-eyed pit boss?