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Spike visits a sushi bar on Mars and gives a code phrase to pick up a message from Ana. She lets him know Vicious knows he's alive.

Jet wants a Walking Sally Doll for his daughter but they're sold out. Jet wants to leave Tharsis but Spike needs to stay so he convinces Jet to try for a 15 million woo bounty.

Jet taps a source named Woodcock for information. Reviewing the video she provides them, they realize the bounty is wearing a face-changer.

They stake out the two brothels in town. Jet's going to jam the face-changer and they'll watch to see if he shows up at the brothels for help.

Jet sets up a purchase for a Sally doll. The dealer shows up outside the brothel.

Spike overhears the bounty looking for Betty to fix his face-changer. His name's Hakim. Spike chases him to the roof and they fight.

Jet tries to get to Spike but on the way, Sally gets dropped and run over and set on fire.

Hakim gets Spike into a tight spot. Jet makes it to the roof and runs Hakim off. He saves Spike but the Sally doll is destroyed.

Vicious leads his guards into his Red Eye factory and they massacre the workers.

Julia is at Ana's. They talk about options.

Jet tracks down another Sally doll but doesn't have enough woo to buy it.

Hakim's hideout is full of dogs. He plans to kill them all.

Spike sees the sushi man is back. He gets his intel.

Jet and Spike visit Greta, a dominatrix Hakin visited regularly. She says he's cheap but much be rich because he brought a dog by. She also tells them Hakim works on atmo farms.

They find a non-active atmo farm and Spike spots Ein. They find Hakim and he's pretty down on himself for not being able to carry through and kill the dogs. They have him talked down when the cops arrive and shoot him in the head. The cops didn't want to pay out the bounty.

Jet take Ein to Kimmie's party. His ex-wife is livid. She makes him take Ein away with him.

Spike sets up a sniper rifle and sends Vicious a message.


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I tried being reasonable. But I don't like it.


Chalmers will be there. With his smiley fucking face. Did I ever tell you that about him? He's always smiling. You first meet the guy and think he's had a stroke or something. Then you realize he's just one happy asshole.