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In a desperate attempt to get Josh to her house to fix her garbage disposal, Rebecca shoves an entire chicken down the drain. When Josh arrives, with White Josh in tow, he's nervous. Valencia still doesn't want him around Rebecca and he's really afraid of her. She IS out of town though, so he guesses that maybe this is okay.

Paula comes over to talk Rebecca through her garbage disposal embarrassment. When she discovers that Valencia is out of town, she immediately concocts a plan to throw a party. They can invite Josh, and then he'll know how cool Rebecca is. 

Rebecca can't have a party. She's traumatized by the last party she threw in which three people showed up, her parents fought and then her Dad walked out on her. She can't do it again.

Paula convinces her to face her fears, and throw a party. Rebecca immediately starts inviting every stranger she meets. 

Paula's home life leaves something to be desired. She tries to give the same motivation speech to her sons that she gave to Rebecca, and they weren't interested. And Paula's husband is stuck in bad barber shop quartet, and isn't listening to her. She needs Rebecca to keep her sane.

Rebecca goes to Home Base to invite Greg to her party, because they're kind of friends. She considers Greg like, her best friend. He quickly brushes her off. He hasn't forgiven her for making out with him, then crying on him, then flirting and dancing with him, then flaking on him. Rebecca is hurt, but sees Josh across the bar, and forgets about Greg.

She faces her fears, and invites Josh to her party. 

On the day of the party, Paula shows up with a box of multi-holiday decorations, and then gets a phone call that she needs to leave. Her son is in trouble at school and she needs to bail him out. Rebecca is nervous. What if no one shows up. Paula again pep talks Rebecca and promises to come back. 

Turns out Paula's motivational song worked on her younger son. He stole a test so that he'd succeed. And now he's getting expelled. Paula wants to tell of the principal, but forgets her words.

She and her son head back to the party, and it's a disaster. Rebecca only had 4 people show up; a weird delivery man, a clerk, her boss Darryl, and her next door neighbor, Heather, who just wants to analyze Rebecca for a psych paper.

Paula insists that she can fix this, and leaves to find guests. Before she can return, Josh arrives. Josh gives an embarrassed Rebecca a pep talk. It's ok. She doesn't know anyone. She just moved there. It would be weird if there were a lot of people there. Josh takes over, starting party selfies and hashtags to get Rebecca some guests. 

Along with her many guests thanks to Josh and Paula, Greg decides to show up. Rebecca is pleased to see him. After a few minutes of flirting and fun talk, they part.

Rebecca is in awe of Josh. She imagines Josh singing as a boyband, where he is all four members. Josh isn't just a stand in for her absent dad. Josh isn't going to abandon her like her dad. Josh is a real guy, a nice guy, a guy who isn't going anywhere.

Which is why his text from Valencia asking where he was is heartbreaking. Is he going to leave? 

As the partygoers leave, Rebecca notices that Josh is still there, and he is only just now leaving. 

No. Josh decided to face his fears, and tell Valencia not to worry about where he is, and that he'll be home when he's home.  He and Rebecca can be friends, and Valencia can deal with it. 

Greg sees it. The look. He understands why Rebecca is so enamored by Josh. He walks drunkenly out the door. 


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

I perioded on an ultra suede satee in 1987 at Roberta Janatelli's condo and I gotta tell you it was still a great party. I wrapped a sweater around my waist, then hooked up with Bobby Henderson anyway! And I started the whole sweater-around-the-waist trend! So, you're welcome.


Rebecca: Why don't we watch a movie and Buffer [White Josh] can play with my phone? Here ya' go buddy!
White Josh: Whoa! You've got a step counter on here! Whoa, it is very low. I'm gonna catch you up. (Starts walking in circles).