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After Greg confronts Rebecca and Josh at breakfast, and tells them that they are not good people, both Josh and Rebecca set out to prove that Greg is wrong. 

Rebecca tries to prove her goodness by taking on her boss Darryl's divorce and custody battle, desperate to show Greg that she's a good person because she can reunite a father and daughter. 

Josh, on the other hand, feel guilty about his burgeoning feelings for Rebecca, and seeks spiritual guidance from his priest. After a game of confession becomes a game of hoops, Father Brah challenges Josh to write down all of his sins for a day. 

Greg is not impressed by Rebecca's weak attempt to earn his forgiveness. Unless she can go back in time and NOT sleep with another guy on their date, he's not going to forgive her. Will he change his mind after seeing her perform a truly good deed?

Josh realizes that while he DOES think about Rebecca a lot, he would never act on those feelings, and he reconciles that he is a good person. But what WOULD Valencia think about Josh's thoughts about Rebecca?

Paula takes over the office while Darryl and Rebecca are away, and has a moral dilemma of her own; will she have Tim, the office's illegal Canadian deported for his bad behavior, or help his family by keeping his secret?


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

I think I might be attracted to someone besides Valencia.


Do you forgive me yet?

Rebecca [to Greg]