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Rebecca hasn't seen Josh in weeks, since the fake break-in incident, and she's afraid that he'll never speak to her again.

Paula, inspired by her recent over-watching of Apollo 13, concocts a plan to get Rebecca back into Josh's life using a coupon for free drinks at a Mexican restaurant.

When the intimate evening turns into a group hang, Rebecca needs to think of another way to spend more time with Josh. She remembers that he shared with her that his apartment has no hot water.

The hot water situation is much bigger than just Josh's apartment, as Rebecca soon discovers, and she finds herself with possibly the biggest lawsuit against the county that Whitefeather and Associates has ever taken on.

Valencia isn't keen on Josh working with Rebecca and tries her best to convince Josh to stay away. She enlists the help of Greg in making Josh see that Rebecca is using this lawsuit as a way to get closer to Josh.

Valencia surprises everyone when she invites Rebecca's fake boyfriend, Trent, over and confronts the crazy ex-girlfriend about her lies, head on.

Elsewhere, Darryl is struggling with his feelings for White Josh and comes to an important realization about himself that he never saw coming, all thanks to an aerobics class and Rebecca's water investigation.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Josh: I haven't had hot water in, like, weeks. I'm showering with freezing cold water.
Rebecca: No hot water? That's terrible! You should complain!
Josh: Yeah, I don't like to complain about stuff.

You did not see his face when he left my apartment that day. I was dead to him. Like, he didn't want to spend any more time with me and UGH...we were getting so close.