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On "My Mom, Greg's Mom and Josh's Sweet Dance Moves!", Rebecca's mother, Mrs. Bunch, comes for a visit to West Covina for Hanukah. 

Rebecca doesn't want to hear her mom continually talk about her "loser" life, so she embellishes some of the facts about her life in California and about why she moved there (because it DEFINITELY wasn't for Josh Chan.) Rebecca enlists Paula's help in trying to convince her mother that she has at least one interesting friend. 

Rebecca wants her mother's heirloom ring and hopes that this is the trip in which her mother will finally pass it down. When things don't go as planned between Rebecca and her mother, will Rebecca get the ring or will she get the courage to finally stand up to her mother?

Elsewhere, Greg is upset that he has to spend the holidays with his mother, who he still hasn't forgiven for leaving him. He brings Heather along with him to his family Christmas, leading her to believe that the night will be a disaster. Heather instead discovers that Greg's mother is incredibly sweet and that Greg has a lot of mommy-issues of his own that he needs to grow up and work through. Will Greg and Heather's unlikely alliance lead to a new friendship?

Josh Chan wants to recapture his glory days on the high-school hip hop dance team. When a dancer feigns a sprained ankle, Josh has one last moment in the spotlight. Will he decide to stay in it, or will it make him discover that it's time to grow up? 

It's a California Christmas, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend style! 

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Turns out, my real life is garbage but my fake life is AH-MAZING.


Paula: I can see right through you. You’re a mom pleaser. A Level-Five mom pleaser. You will say anything to make that woman happy.
Rebecca: That’s not true. That’s not…that’s not true at all.